Hello world!

Hello! Welcome to Quilt and Cafe! I hope that when you visit you will be inspired to try new recipes or sewing projects. I’ve been thinking about blogging for quite some time and finally have stopped the procrastination and made today the day I begin. Enjoy your time here, please come back and check in on me from time to time.


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Had no idea you had a blog, Betsy. Post more of your recipes — the “corn” casserole thing with a package of corn muffin mix.

    • Thanks Debbie. Yes, I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time and finally set aside the time to do it. Thanks for suggesting a recipe to post. I will definitely post it soon.

  2. Have a question! I made banana pancakes the other day and they turned out too “gooey”. Cooked them on a medium heat. Any advice on what could’ve gone wrong or do you have a better recipe?? (found mine on pinterest)

    Thanks Betsy!!

    • Hi Ani,
      Been off the blog for so long, just got your message. Can you direct me to the recipe you’re talking about? I didn’t see it on your Pinterest page. Sounds like maybe more flour is needed, or they were mixed too much? Thanks!


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